XRHubSavo is a Special Interest Group (SIG) and network that aims at monitoring VR/AR/XR (Mixed Reality) technologies, raising awareness of XR,
networking regional XR actors and specialists and identifying collaboration opportunities between these actors.
XRHubSavo is part of DigiCenter Northern Savo – Digital Innovation Hub operations.

XRHubSavo’s benefits


Gather together XR specialists and actors to facilitate continous discussion on XR

Communication forum:

share XR knowledge and knowhow, monitor the progress of XR-related innovations, technologies and solutions

Collaboration opportunities:

facilitate student theses and reports, create new academic research topics, boost new business development, identify & develop
new innovations, share knowledge and cooperate, provide students with new and attractive career paths, generate new jobs to the Northern Savo region,
create new methods for XR training and education etc.

XRHubSavo Board:

Savonia (Antti Kotimaa)
Hurja (Saku Määttä)
SimlabIT (Robert Taylor)
UEF (Marko Jäntti)
Sakky (Ari-Pekka Raudaskoski)
3DTalo (Pauli Rissanen)

Members (XRHubSavo welcomes all actors interested in XR to participate in XRHubSavo events: seminars and workshops)

Next events: