Technology & Knowledge Transfer Services

Technology & Knowledge Transfer Services aim at enhancing the transfer of digital technologies and digital knowhow in Northern Savo area and increase the digitalization-related networking. These services shall strengthen the local research and innovation capacities. Technology & Knowledge Transfer Services include:

  • Workshops and seminars on digital technologies and digital transformation
  • Theses and project work reports
  • Hackathons
  • Technology demonstrations
  • Technology Working Groups (TWGs)
  • Information events on technology & IT standards

R&D&I Services

R&D&I Services aim at provide Northern Savo companies with up-to-date information on features, opportunities and limitation of new digital technologies. Additionally, the goal of DigiCenter is to identify and build digital innovation platforms that companies may have access by request. R&D&I Services include:

  • Technical reports and feasibility studys
  • Technology testing
  • Technology rentals
  • Digital innovation platforms

Funding and Project Preparation Services

Funding and Project Preparation Services aim at increasing funding (regional, national, international) applied in Northern Savo region by coaching, supporting and networking companies in the context of digitalization funding. Funding and Project Preparation Services include:

  • Establishing project ideas and converting them to projects, networking of companies
  • Coaching companies in applying innovation