DigiCenterNS has provided following results:



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  • Koponen J. (2020) Lääkevarastoautomaatin konenäön kehittäminen. Pro gradu -tutkielma. UEF, School of Computing.
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  • Suhonen V. (2020) Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Process Automation. Master Thesis. UEF, School of Computing.
  • Raitala J. (2020) Digitaalinen marketing plan – Case DigiCenterNS project. Thesis, Savonia University of Applied Sciences.


Reports and other studies

  • Rantala E, Martikainen J, Lakka T, Vanhatalo S, Heiskanen J, Väistö J, Leväsluoto J, Hassinen M, Eloranta A-M, Sigfrids A, Harjumaa M. (2020) Suomalaisten lasten ja nuorten ruokaympäristö ja toimenpide-ehdotukset sen kehittämiseen terveyttä edistäväksi. Valtioneuvoston selvitys- ja tutkimustoiminnan julkaisusarja, 2020:19.
  • Arpola, T., Holopainen, A., Jäntti, M. (2020) Co-creation at the heart of human-centric data economy – Experiences and visions from Kuopio Living Lab. Hirvikoski T., Erkkilä L., Fred M., Helariutta A., Kurkela I., Pöyry-Lassila P., Saastamoinen K., Salmi A., Äyväri A. (Eds.)., Co-creating and Orchestrating Multistakeholder Innovation. In: Laurean julkaisusarja / Laurea Publications, Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu. [Online] Available at:
  • Jäntti M.: Digitalisation Results in Cleaner Forests, Oodia Media, 2021. [Online] Available at: Digitalisation Results in Cleaner Forests

Scientific articles


Communication (local newspapers, e-magazines, media)


Technology Demos

  • Alexa Echo Show Demo 27.2.2019 klo 10-10.30, Kuopio, Mikrokatu
  • Alexa Echo Show Demo 13.11.2019 klo 10.15-11.00, Kuopio, Mikrokatu
  • Alexa Echo Show Demo 18.2.2020 klo 9.00-9.30, Kuopio, Mikrokatu
  • Alexa Echo Show Demo 28.10.2020 klo 10.00-10.30, Online

Events organized by DigiCenterNS / Events with a DigiCenterNS stand

  • DigiCenterNS Kick off seminaari 26.4.2019, Technopolis, Kuopio
  • Computer Science Symposium 10-11.6.2019, Mediteknia Kuopio (DigiCenterNS was one of the organizers and Jarmo Matilainen, DC facilitator, conducted a keynote presentation)
  • DigiCenterNS & Kuopio Living Lab -meeting 13.8.2019, Technopolis, Kuopio
  • DigiCenterNS Stakeholder Workshop 22.8.2019 (with visitor from DIHELP project), Kuopio
  • XR Tools & Digital Opportunities -seminar 1.10.2019, Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi, Kuopio (together with TUPLA project)
  • Nokia 5G -seminar 27.11.2019, KPY Novapolis, Kuopio
  • DigitalMorning-seminar 29.11.2019, (together with TUPLA project)
  • Keys to Master Digitalization: From Zero to Hero 20.3.2020 (online seminar together with TUPLA project (ESF)
  • Service Integration and Management (SIAM) -online training 15.5.2020
  • DigitalHack 18.5.-28.5.2020
  • Digital Service Operation seminar 2.10.2020 (online seminar together with DAIM project (ESF) and DIH World project (EU Horizon 2020)
  • Neurochallenge idea competition / hackathon 30.10.-1.11.2020, DigiCenterNS was one of the collaboration partners in the event

Visits and networking in regional/national/international events


Project coaching and funding advisory services

  • Intelligent Mobility Solutions, coaching on ERDF funding application, Spring 2019 (5 meetings)
  • Storymap, coaching on development of the service concept, Summer 2019 (1 meeting)
  • Fomatec, I4MS (European Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs) joint EU project application, November 2019 (2 meetings)
  • Oheisharjoittelukeskus, coaching on ERDF/corona funding, March-April 2020 (2 tapaamista)
  • Efecte, coaching on ERDF funding, April 2020 (1 meeting)
  • Vipuvaikutus Consulting, coaching on content management & reporting management, May 2020 (1 meeting)

Establishing project consortia

  • DIH World (EU Horizon IA, 106KEUR): DIH-World aims to foster collaboration between DIHs across Europe to scale-up and diversify their services and resources and to encourage knowledge exchange.
  • Digital and Intelligent Management of Service Operation, DAIM (European Social Fund, 392KEUR): The main objectives of Digital and Intelligent Management of Service Operation (DAIM) are to: 1) improve productivity and scalability of service operation in companies by identifying new digital and AI compliant solutions, 2) increase employees’ competences on digital and intelligent service operation techniques, processes and methods in Northern Savo, 3) identify and develop digital-enabled operation models for management and organizing work that support more flexible work and, 4) improve work wellbeing of employees, enterprises and entrepreneurs in North Savo area by enhancing and fastening the adaptation to digital transformation.

Digital competence building

  • DigiCenterNS is building DigiSchool online course to increase competences of digital technologies in Northern Savo region. DigiSchool includes topics such as cloud service management and digital collaboration platforms (Office 365). DigiSchool can be used as self learning resources in higher education institutions and technology companies. One of our first sample assignments focuses on storing
    data to S3 Buckets in Amazon Web Services -cloud (material is in Finnish only): Digikoulu_1001_Amazon_S3_Bucket