DigiCenter supports Northern Savo companies in their digital transformation journeys by providing services that improve digital skills, foster technology testing and increase networking of companies.


  • Establish a digitalization competence center (Digital Innovation Hub) in Northern Savo Region
  • Monitor and maintain up-to-date information on digital technologies and their maturity levels.
  • Perform research and development projects on digitalization.
  • Solve demanding business problems together with customers by using means of digitalization.
  • Support introduction of new digital technologies in Northern Savo companies


DigiCenterNS operates as a Digital Innovation Hub that provides

  • Technology and knowledge transfer:
    information events, seminars, theses,
    technology demos and hackathons
  • R&D collaboration: technical studies,
    development and testing of digital service concepts
  • Digital innovation platforms and offering them to organizations’ product development and pilot projects
  • Project consortium planning and funding advisory services


We help our customers in improving digitalization of business with:

  • Key technologies and competences:
    5G, IoT, AI, robotics, data analytics,
    service development and management
  • Identifying companies’ digital needs
    in technology experiments, test platforms and technology working groups (for example, XRHubSavo)
  • Productizing the services of DigiCenterNS network to be better visible and available


Our Digital Innovation Hub exists to:

  • Create new business based on digital growth
  • Expand international networks to the region (Digital Innovation Hub)
  • Establish a dynamic network of companies and digital experts.